Dear Silverwoods,

I’m writing to you regarding our stay in one of your apartments due to Hurricane Sandy – October 29, 2012.  My neighbor and I, Anne E. Cooke, could not have chosen a more perfect living situation for our home away from home.  The area was secure, well maintained, and the people all around us were friendly and considerate. Your Main Office staff was outstanding – always helpful and accommodating to our needs.

Bernadette, Anna and Marie could not have been nicer especially when we first moved in on November 8th.

We enjoyed the use of your laundry privileges and TV Cable.  You have a beautiful complex, clubhouse with bus service if needed and your grounds are well manicured. The prices for the apartments are reasonable and a good size. 

We may use you again some day and have no problem referring you.

Carol Garczynski


I am a resident at Silverwoods. If you are looking for an apartment that is affordable this is it! Even though they say its apartment living it’s more like a little house. There is no one living above or below you, giving you much needed privacy. The rooms are spacious and the apartments are in country like setting.

The grounds are well kept and there is a sprinkler system. The community is pet friendly and I love walking my little dog down the road. The lamp posts in front of the apartments remind me of a little village when they are on at night. I feel safe even if I have to walk my dog when it’s dark. Another amenity is that each section of apartments has a laundry room for our big items. 

I love that I have a covered patio and can sit outside whenever I feel like it. It’s especially nice when the sun rises in the morning. I also love the fact that I can park my car by my back door and I can go through the back door with my groceries.

We are ideally located with in minutes of major stores, restaurants, movie etc. and the Ocean County Mall is an easy drive. I am looking forward to summer and spending time at the ocean beaches. Silverwoods even has an indoor pool opened year round if I felt like swimming and residents of Toms River can join as well. Of course one of my concerns was medical care. I found every kind of doctor there is available, once again minutes away.

The people at Silverwoods are friendly and I have made new friends. As for the staff at Silverwoods, they are always available if needed. One last thing to mention; every Tuesday Silverwoods has a wonderful brunch buffet at the clubhouse. Excellent food and service and all you can eat for $4.00.

As you see I am very happy here. Even if I don’t go anywhere I love my apartment (little house) and I am content sitting outside and getting fresh air.

If you choose to move to Silverwoods and join us as a resident, I hope you’ll enjoy it as much as I do.


Marie Morin


Dear Silverwoods,

After a visit from my son this past summer, he suggested I do something about living alone and the worries of home ownership.

So, I started to accept invitations from various independent living communities in Ocean County. At the same time Michael, my son, visited a community in Massachusetts where he lives. He actually put a deposit down on an apartment he knew I would love.

Needless to say, after living in New Jersey all my life it was impossible for me to leave my friends behind. Michael was disappointed that I didn’t want to leave the area. I revisited the places I had been before and selected Silverwoods as my new home. I have a lovely two bedroom apartment with a walk-in closet and plenty of room. I love my porch and covered patio with my flowers.

I have lived here since October of last year and enjoy each day to its fullest. I participate in Tai Chi and the Women’s Club. But most importantly, I enjoy a delicious dinner each day. I’ve made new friends in Silverwoods, so life goes on as usual with the help of available staff if needed.

I’m very happy to live here!


Theresa Huetz


Dear Ms Colino,

On behalf of the Ferrino family I would like to express our deepest gratitude for the thoroughly professional manner in which you coordinated Anthony and Olympia’s occupancy at Silverwoods. Making a decision to select a Continuing Care Retirement Community is not an easy one; not only for the prospective resident but also for their family members who typically must choose from what has become a multiplicity of such communities. Assessing and evaluating these communities objectively is easily accomplished by researching the records of the Department of Health and Senior services. But the more important subjective assessment is much more rigorous. In this case, you made it easy!

Your knowledge and skills were obvious throughout our inquiry process but even more meaningful to us was your patience, understanding, and sensitivity to what, to you, must have seemed like an endless stream of our nuisance calls and concerns. It became very clear to us that you are a caring person and, after all is said and done, that’s what such a community is suppose to be. You were able to allay our trepidations and, as the representative of Silverwoods, convey the kind of image we were seeking. It is comforting and reassuring for us to know that Mr. and Mrs. Ferrino can confidently seek your assistance and guidance for any of the services they might require in the future. Hopefully, all of the staff at Silverwoods will be as accommodating as you.

Thank you again for your many acts of kindness. We optimistically look forward to a long and pleasurable experience for our parents because for you.

Sincerely and gratefully,

Richard Riccio


To Whom It May Concern,

I am writing to let you know how much my husband and I appreciate the kindness and professionalism shown to us by your employee, Bernadette Colino, while helping to find us an apartment. As I’m sure you know, moving can be a stressful time, especially for senior citizens. In today’s world it is hard to find someone who treats others with respect and compassion. Thank you so much for making this difficult time a little bit easier.


Rita Way


On behalf of all the CONTACT volunteers, I would like to thank you for the generous hospitality of Silverwoods on September 15 for the wonderful luncheon and the added treat of the cooking demonstration. The volunteers are still talking about what a great day you provided.

The tour of your facility was impressive. We were all surprised at the diversity of the lovely apartments. I have heard from the people I know, who call Silverwoods their home, that they feel fortunate to have found Silverwoods.

Thank you again for providing CONTACT volunteers with a superb luncheon and a very enjoyable afternoon.

Caro Ann Weshnak
Executive Director


My cousin, Claudia and I want to express our deepest thanks and appreciation to Silverwoods and Arbors. Silverwoods gave our Aunt Kathleen the opportunity to remain independent and gave us the peace of mind that she was not alone.

Our Aunt was a resident of Silverwoods for two years and while there she enjoyed having dinner in the dining room and participating in the activities.

However, when her health failed, we were able to keep her near from home at Silverwoods by having her in the Arbors. The staff at the Arbors was very caring to her and equally as caring to me and my cousin.

When she passed away, you made it so easy for us by once again taking away all the worries of where to put the out of town family. Having the apartment available to her family made it not only easy but it also gave us the opportunity to be together during our time of grief.

So on behalf of the Kathleen Simpf”s nieces, thank you all so much for the care that all of you showed to her and her family.

Very truly yours,
Denise Duncan


Thank-you Silverwoods! What a great place to live! It is my profound appreciation for the two meals received on 2/28 (during our big snowstorm). The hot chicken meal with two large portions of chicken, mashed potatoes and broccoli was so good. How thoughtful to include a Good meal.

God Bless,
Elaeanor T. Kuligowski


Too seldom is a job well done acknowledged, so please allow me to do so!! All the “departments” – marketing, activities, kitchen gave us tenants, and potential tenants, a lovely luncheon experience, Valentine’s Day!!

As always, Vikkie and Romy arranged special entertainment and helped everyone feel warm and welcomed. Diane and her staff prepared a marvelous repast; and as if that weren’t sufficient, they gave “usregulars” an outstandingly special Valentine’s dinner.

Happily, I can tell you, not only were we tenants completely “taken”, so were the many guests with whom I spoke – they were impressed with the service offered at Silverwoods.

So, in the spirit of Valentine’s Day, thanks from the heart, for making me glad I’ve found a “place” in Silverwoods.

With great appreciation,
Sophie S. Castello


To The Staff at Silverwoods,

Living a Silverwoods is almost like being on vacation except you never have to leave home.

Everyday your dinner is prepared for you and housekeeping cleans your apartment once a week.

There is always something to do from bingo to cooking classes. There is always a variety of entertainment for me to choose from. We even have live entertainers performing for us. The Silverwoods bus takes us shopping and out to different restaurants and other places of interest.

Living here is what you make it. No one makes you do anything you do not want to do. It is all up to you if you want to participate or just stay home and relax.

I have lived here for almost three and a half years and love it!

Yours truly,

Carol Cuccia



I believe there comes a time to make an important decision. Do we remain in our home that demands much care an attention or should we look into and Adult Community such as Silverwoods?

I made the decision to move to Silverwoods, here I was able to select the style apartment that would be feasible for me.

The rooms are large and airy, heated in the winter, and air-conditioned in summer. Front and rear access to apartments is an important feature making it able to use walkers and wheelchairs if necessary.

Dinners are served in the Dining Room. In the event of snow, dinners are delivered directly to my apartment. The grounds are well kept and in the spring the trees, shrubs and flowers are awesome! There is a heated pool if that is your forte!

The residents are friendly and willing to share stories. Every month, a calendar is furnished showing all the activities offered, luncheons available, and use of the Silverwoods bus. Entertainment is offered, birthdays are remembered. All in all it’s what you get involved in that makes it all worthwhile.

I am glad to have made my decision to move to Silverwoods five years ago. Also my family is happy to know I am well taken care of here.

Mary A. Giordamo


Dear Silverwoods Staff,

I sold my home that I lived in for forty-seven years and moved to Silverwoods in July. I never knew how much Silverwoods had to offer.

I knew of Silverwoods, because I had a very dear friend who came to Silverwoods in the 80″s, but June was confined to a wheelchair because she had M.S.  Her Husband Al had a car so he would do her shopping and take her to church.

I gave up driving the Sunday before I moved here. I did not know how easy it would be to go food shopping once I moved here. The bus drivers are wonderful the way they help you by carrying your groceries onto the porch. I think that’s great!

I enjoy eating in the dining room and all the activities the Activities Director plans. I enjoy the short trips and eating out once in a while. The Valentine party was so nice;  I enjoyed receiving long stem roses and the dinner music. I enjoy the birthday bash with the music and sing-a-longs. It makes me feel young again.

I am very happy here; I never knew Silverwoods had so much to offer – more than I expected! Everyone in charge is very pleasant and makes living here great.


Estelle Werner


Dear Staff,

Silverwoods is located in a very convenient area.  Shopping is easily reached within minutes.  Bus transportation is available if needed.

We have a very nice clubhouse where various fun activities take place. There’s also a swimming pool and fitness room for those who wish to workout. We are also served a nourishing five course meal daily.

Most of all, what is important to me are the many lovely friends I’ve made while living here.

Connie Rommel


Dear Bernadette,

I would like to inform you that I will not be renewing my lease with Silverwoods in June as I am moving to Dunlevy, PA.

I sure enjoyed my two year stay and would not hesitate to recommend Silverwoods. The complex was well kept and the staff has been very nice and helpful.


Cal Mongomery


To Katie Davis, Executive Director of Silverwoods,

We are writing this letter to say thank you to you and your staff at Silverwoods. We had water damage in our home at Leisure Village West. Bernadette Colino gave us a home for what was originally the month of April, which then turned into May which turned into June.

We want to thank the staff: Helen and Vicki; both are sweet and generous with smiles and are delightful. The grounds people cut, rake, mow, trim and clean up the grounds and do a great job. Gail at the clubhouse, Jim and Tom in maintenance – all were wonderful. Security always has a big smile and a ‘may we help you?’, or ‘is there anything we can do for you?’. They were terrific.

We saved the big giver for last – Bernadette. She is like a port in a storm, warm and comfortable. Always smiling and stops what she is doing to accommodate everyone – truly a woman in complete control and always ready to be there for you.

You and all the corporate officers should be very proud. You have a group of fine women and men here at Silverwoods.

Again, from the bottom up to the top, the residents are in good hands.

Yours truly,

Robert and Sophie Ruderman

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